Tasgaon, Maharashtra, India !

Adding sweetness to people lives with our delicious Raisins such as Organic Raisin, Organic Golden Raisin..


Raisins are a sweet gift given by nature to this planet, they are absolutely delicious enriched with numerous health benefiting nutrients and minerals. Offering such sweet deliciousness, we, Anjana Trading Company, have become a famous name in the market. Currently, we trade in a huge variety of Raisins that are procured from trusted dry fruit vendors of the country. Our company promises to always bring forth top quality Raisins, we never fail to fulfill our promise. Consistently, our business engages itself in offering quality accredited Green Raisins, Organic Raisin, Organic Golden Raisin, Golden Raisins and Dried Raisins. This collection is made available to each and every client at reasonable prices, which are set in a client friendly manner by our management. Setting the prices considering market demand as well as budget of major market customers, we have established ourselves as a much appreciated name in the Indian marketplace. Our clients trust us completely and choose us without any doubt over other competing providers. We aspire to keep offering our customers with contaminant free Raisins and remain their favorite trader as well as wholesaler even in the future. 

Quality Assurance

While trading Raisins such as Organic Raisin, Organic Golden Raisin, it is very important for us to maintain its high quality. We cannot afford to deliver our clients with low quality or contaminated items. In food sector, tiniest of mistake can violate industrial guidelines and standards. This is why, we keep a keen check on our procured Raisin stock. We store it in an organized manner in our warehouse unit. We make sure that the space is kept clean and utmost hygienic environment is maintained. Storage as well as packing of these are done with care. Each and every batch is packed in sealed packaging to protect it from contamination and increasing its shelf life. This way, we keep our collection quality intact while assuring its compliance to standards of dry fruits sector. 

Why To Choose Us?
  • We always offer our Raisins to customers in exchange of reasonable prices.
  • We make sure that all of our precious clients receive their ordered Raisins, on time.
  • We assure that none of our clients is treated unethically at any point of time.

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